The Following Items Will be Needed to Properly Heal Your Tattoo

  • Aftercare product such Griffin & Ink Eeze. Griffin can be purchased at the shop.

  • Large bottle of fragrance free lotion. Lubriderm or Aveeno will be fine.  DO NOT USE INTENSIVE CARE OR ANY OTHER OIL BASED LOTION.

  • Plastic Wrap

  • Antibacterial or antimicrobial soap. Dial Antibacterial Gold Hand Soap (do not use anything other than Gold because they contain extra fragrance), or Dr. Bronne’s Hemp Baby Unscented Pure Castile Soap.

Day 1

When you leave the shop, your tattoo will be wrapped. Leave the wrap on for at least 2-3 hours. Once you remove the wrap submerge your tattoo in running, hot (not scalding) water, for 1 minute. Immediately switch to cold, running water, & submerge for 1 min. Next, dab your tattoo with a clean, dry towel. Immediately re-wrap the tattoo without applying aftercare.  Wear the wrapping overnight.

Day 2

Remove wrap, wash off excess ink & blood.  After washing, apply a thin layer of aftercare. Depending on the size of your tattoo, this will be between 1 & 3 pea sized amounts. Do not rewrap. Repeat the process of washing & applying aftercare, 3 times daily, for the next 3-4 days

Day 5

At this point your tattoo may start peeling. Once the peeling starts, switch to washing & applying after care, only once a day. Begin applying a fair amount of lotion at least 5 times a day with 10 applications being ideal. Applying lotion is EXTREMELY CRITICAL. As your tattoo heals you will experience itchiness. Itching is a good indication that you need to apply lotion. Lotion as much as possible.

Day 6-7

Your tattoo should be near the end of the peeling process. Stop washing the tattoo. Continue applying lotion, 5-10 times a day, for the next 10 days.


  • You must avoid sun exposure on your tattoo, for at least 3 weeks (from the date of your tattoo appointment). Do not apply sunblock for 3 weeks.

  • No submerging the tattoo. This means, no pool, jacuzzi, ocean/lake/river, or baths.

  • Absolutely no gym for 1 week. This is due to the high probability of exposure to bacteria & the impact that the pushing & pulling of muscles will have on the healing process. In most cases, running is acceptable. 

Aftercare Instructions